by Laura Goldhamer

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This is my first electro-acoustic release recorded using Ableton Live, circa 2011, and collaborating with various beloved Colorado friends.


released April 15, 2011

All songs written and recorded by Laura Goldhamer.

Gently Now originally recorded with Chris McDonald,
and remixed by Jeremy Averitt (aka DJ This That & The Other).

many thanks to:
Jeremy Averitt
Tyler Ludwick
Psyche Cassandra Dunkhase
Griff Snyder
Paul DeHaven
Macon Terry
Matt Case
Kate Lesta
Stelth Ulvang
Max Barcelow
Blake Stepan


all rights reserved



Laura Goldhamer Denver, Colorado

As a folk songwriter, guitarist, old-time banjo player, stop-motion animator, & instrument inventor, Goldhamer enlivens crowds with laughter and awe, conveying her intimate and focused energy in a unified and immersive musical, visual, kinetic, and often comedic performances. ... more

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Track Name: You Can Eat The Fruit

you can eat the fruit, it is good for you
rich in vitamin C, (see) I just bit in
and nothing happened to the garden.

instill fear in us, still in debt and then scared for what will be lost
if they catch us doing what they say will only hurt ourselves
in the long run, they're drinking from
our fountain of youth and prime
it's been tapped, sucked dry & strip mined

but love of this, our spirit, it will persist
nothing's been lost, they can't kill us
or shut us off, because our hearts are true
our hearts are true

gathering the trash (one man's treasures)
best to build me a nest in which to live
out all of my days (old and alone)
in fear of those who may huff and blow me away
blow down my door (we'll be fine)
tear down my empire (i've worked so hard for)
familiar with (impermanence)
little pigs with their digs of straw brick and sticks...

our hearts are true
we adhere to
our hearts are true
we adhere to

our hearts are true
we adhere to
our hearts are true
we adhere to

so see about the rules
and what they constitute, convoluted
they are out of date
like fish on Fridays in a landlocked state
can't understand
let me, I'll translate it
just eat what you can make
by your own hands
I think that's what was meant
when it was said. 

you can eat the fruit, it is good for you
rich in vitamin C, (see) I just bit in
and nothing happened to the garden.
Track Name: Medieval

It's safe, to say, life's unstable this way
waste away and stagnate in the current state
of union you, know not to whom debt's due
auction off our heirlooms sell em short again

and then I'd be broken and uneasy
it's a matter of time before it's a crime
to store much more than gets you through the winter
hoard another's dinner behind cellar doors...

...are closed and blocked off lock-jawed
even when there is enough
suffering from selfishness is
just what injustice has done

for our hearts are hard in armor
hands are tied and fates are linked
closely to each other
such that one will drown, and we would all sink

tactic tack-toe tattooed on the saddle
galloping so fast I lost my shadow
though, I must confess, I have saved no princess
nor battled any dragons sword in valiant hand...

…over the key to see best beyond greed
not by the authority invested in
nothin but me, where can there be caring
when held to self too tightly we will loose it...

...all is scarce when we won't share this
vision of what is above
can be on this planet
as another world covered in love

lived in 3-D and lived fully
elevate our spirit's strength
within and all in kinship
and when walls will fall we will be well...

...held by what is unselfishly given
chivalrous in following the golden
rule out nothing now, managing to somehow
fold it over and return the turn times ten

and then we'd be broke and have it easy
it's a matter of mind over matter's facts
with that intact we cannot be stopped hot
on the track of being here empowered that we can feed each other
meeting needs with greatest ease
leads us to uncover that it's
our giving that gives us health.
Track Name: Mr. T

look at how young I have become
restless feet run a marathon long
on a mad dash, off track enough
wandering eyes will water somewhat.

now it's round two and one will lose
we shall soon see who makes a next move
combinations you won't expect
give it the old hook right one left two three

and it begins
and their chomping at the bit
just to be the beast who wins
hard to tell just what that is

pity the foolish my oh me
when my old friends and family tree leaves
easily blown so far from home
lord only knows what seeds are sewn grow
taller each year and deeper here
cheers to the root when flowers appear
fashion an axe the handle cut
from the same wood split with an edge of

history the same
cause a familiar refrain
growing old a family trait
handed down the human race

and in no time flat, that change exact
seconds are stacked and there you have it. 
Track Name: No Ability

hard to see the charm in our nobility, no ability,
children on a hill, white, singing,
do re mi, do only for me, do re mi, do only for me.

said that there's a need but you won't part with it, have no part of it,
could it bear a slight resemblant benefit, been a hypocrite,
with smooth ease we blame things on complacency, compute latency,
insist on the system never work for it, know the worth of it,
work for it, know the worth of it

university's a scheme to hoard and keep, hold on to elite,
we can make believe and soon play anything, assume best of things,
lacking in know-how i now just make it up, kept from waking up,
magic that a fool could be a graduate, grand accomplishment,
graduate, grand accomplishment

would you be hard working, overtime, paid you time and a half,
drive to work and then back, don't it hurt? not knowing where you're at,
is it all we can do, pick a route for rush hour commute?
so you shall one day have, your own house, only then you'll relax,

soft as a child's hands, that they hate, culpable innocence (in a sense),
pick the bugs off of plants, no time to think of the consequences,
stopped a man you may know, management oversees (overseas) women sew,
how to sweat, even bleed, ready, set, hold it tight and then go,

I believe promises, callusing, especially when they're not kept,
couldn't be, well then who, is the thief, might as well have been you,
had enough of playing rough, ain't no use waiting for the strike back,
stick em up, my toy gun, i give up, take everything I have.
Track Name: Community Ballad

I'll see and believe it to be
as plane as the naked eye sees
love lived in full and 3-D
without staking territory

And oh boy by tooth or by nail
for standing ground one must prevail
for land owning only has sway
and all else is way off base

Hear me roar,
I've got a bite and a bark
learn the skills
that don't apply anymore

Sleep has put seeds in my eyes
that can grow into dreams realized
and know how to then ask for a hand
though it means we would depend

Trust someone,
not in God or politicians
what is wanted
is kindred to talk and listen

I've got all I need to survive
a hatchet and small pocket knife
cut off what is soft and humane
and be alone at the end of the day

But I'll be fine,
you've got yours and I've got all mine
best kept separate,
and lessen the mess that is made

So let's build us a better machine
to manufacture more happy
and do the job we cannot seem
to perfect of nursing babies

And mass culture waltzed right off a cliff
and we almost followed
and dogma set down in my throat
and I damn near swallowed
the system that claims to be rich
I found out it's hollow
and the wealth i want isn't in print
and cannot be borrowed
Track Name: Trusting Telepathy

Having that running deep
heart of the king or queen
what mind is mightily
guiding me subtly

We have been here before
familiar together
as if some sisters be
born into two families

You've known how to get home
and hold your own, when stories go
on along the tangents told
while sauntering down the road

Go forward notice the forest before us
below the trees its floor will hold us
bring back the dying art of lively
it's worth reviving and refining

We spread the fire circle wider
the time has come for the igniter
and seeking solace in what this taught us
flame of the novice gaining knowledge

(I have a feeling this is the end this is the last moment again
the same one it's always been
everyone everything every never
saturated fills me with joy and terror)

We seem to get along
since long ago longing to
walk around all the world
and become little girls

We've got all of our lives
and no time to burn daylight
that kind of patience made
with willingness not to wait

Bring back the dying art of lively
it's worth reviving and refining
the day has come for a departing
away from the norm, a new starting

Brought back to thriving, hope aspires
and now's great timing for catching fire
a baby's crying out empowered
for life's entire chorus choir

We're giving birth with what we're given
transform resources towards importance
the core is reformed from the former
be a creation and destroyer

Ask what I see in you
plenty you see right through
to the bones and the blood
feel the bare minimum

Should we be trusting
telepathy, talk to me
be careful with our eyes
more power than we realize.
Track Name: Gently Now (Remix)

Gently Now and concentrate
and allow one touch to take

Hold it still and hold it straight
richer will the picture make

Gently Now and concentrate
and allow one touch to take

Focus Whole and be awake
for the full and pleasure's sake

Gently Now
Track Name: Twin Brother

Sorry I am
sorry as I can possibly be
without stopping
wallowing in grief

Thank you much mam, and yes please
for all you have done, appreciation
of the value, will return
turning lead to gold, for you ten fold

Why don't you make me, make me stay
make me shake and sway, and speak in tongues that
no one can place, or recognize
and only I can say how to pronounce my
own middle name is with my twin
brothers be as they may, as brothers are HUH
take it too far, the family car
drive the thing right off, off the radar.

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